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Respite Care - Just What the Doctor Ordered


by Michael Baker




Respite care is short term care that helps a family take a break from the daily routine and stress of caring for a loved one. It can be provided in the client's home or in a variety of out-of-home settings. With time to focus on other things and being able to have some time for them self, respite is often just what the doctor ordered for a caregiver’s own well-being.


Respite Care can be provided by companies that provide in-home care and can be provided on a regular basis, lasting from a few hours to overnight. This popular respite choice enables individuals to remain in their own environments and can be invaluable for family members who function as caregivers.


Many Assisted Living Communities also offer respite care in the form of temporary stays at their facilities. "This can ease people into the idea of living in an Assisted Living Community or Residential Care Home for the Elderly,” says Mary Weathers, a Registered Nurse and Franchise Owner with Always Best Care Senior Services in Flagler County, Florida. "The usual pathway is to come in for a short stay, and ultimately, if they like it, move them into a more long-term stay,” says Weathers. "Many of the communities that Always Best Care Senior Services work with make it a point to promote the fact that they offer respite stays.”


Unfortunately there are still concerns with regards to support for respite care, especially as it pertains to caring for people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, which is a disease
that attacks the brain and the most common form of dementia. Families that care for loved ones with Alzheimer's may struggle to get sufficient respite care. This can lead to a decline in the caregiver’s health and well-being and as a result, the person with Alzheimer’s disease may not be cared for adequately.


If you are caring for a loved one, it is important to make sure you take precautions to take care of yourself so that you can continue to provide care for your loved one.


Finding respite care can be a necessity. Important steps to take include joining a support group, getting adequate sleep, eating nutritious meals, and exercising daily. This will help maintain your energy level and ability to respond to crises.


It's crucial for caregivers to take a break periodically. All of these things will help ensure that the person acting as the caregiver not end up being the person needing care.


If you are providing care for a family member and you would like more information on Respite Care, contact your local Always Best Care Office or visit www.alwaysbestcare.com to find an office near you.





Michael Baker is a Franchise Operations Trainer at Always Best Care Senior Services. Through its network of independently owned and operated franchises, Always Best Care Senior Services provides non-medical in-home care, assisted living placement and skilled home health care for seniors across the country. Visit Always Best Care Senior Services at www.alwaysbestcare.com.


Always Best Care Senior Services


Always Best Care Senior Services (www.alwaysbestcare.com/) is based on the belief that having the right people for the right level of care means peace of mind for the client and family. Always Best Care Senior Services has assisted over 25,000 seniors, representing a wide range of illnesses and personal needs. This has established the company as one of the premier providers of in-home care, assisted living placement assistance, and skilled home health care.


October, 2010


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